Young Minds Early Education Program, is based off the newest research and trends to prepare young children to enter their educational career equipped with cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and language skills. At Young Minds we believe that a child's work is PLAY! We teach children lessons, markers and social skills all through creative and preplanned play. We know that if children enjoy learning at a young age, it will carry with them throughout their lives!

Our Program

Young Minds is located in the West end of Orangeville Ontario and was established to provide a quality, educational, safe and stimulating environment for children ages 2-6. Parents will love our clean, safe, new state of the art, monitored environment with low teacher to student ratios. Children will love our stage, music corner, dress up area, puppet theatre, arts and crafts area, building block area and so much more. Class sizes will NOT exceed 5 children. Our program is run by a fully qualified ECE teachers.

Hour of Operation:
9:15 am - 11:45 am and 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Cost Per Class:
$22.00 (includes a nutritious snack)
Minimum Requirements:
2 classes per week

Young Builders

At Young Minds your child will have ample hands on time to show their creative side. Young Builders learn to expand their gross motor skills and fine motor skills.
Young Minds - Programs - Young Builders

Young Artists

At Young Minds our young artist will be able to express their artistic side with different mediums including painting, glueing, cutting, pasting, drawing - limited only to their imagination.
Young Minds - Programs - Young Artists

Young Actors

Your child will have an opportunity to participate in and direct their own age appropriate performance using our stage. Geared to enhancing their creativity while building self esteem.
Young Minds - Programs - Young Actors

Young Musicians

Children exposed to music have better brain function that lasts their lifetime. Music helps to develop characteristics and social skills. Research shows that children exposed to music at a young age excel in math and science.
Young Minds - Programs - Young Musicians

Young Learners

Circle time and table time will help teach your child routine as well as prepare them for entering the school program with early math, science, language arts, and more.
Young Minds - Programs - Young Learners

Young Adventurers

Outdoor play is a small but important part of our curriculum. Gives children the opportunity to engage in daily physical activity as recommend by The Ontario Physical and Health Education Association.
Young Minds - Programs - Young Adventurers